10 Most Popular Comics of 2018

The year 2018 has been very good so far, especially when it comes to comics. In fact, there are so many released comics this year that it is extremely hard to come up with a list of the best ones with just a single look. However, after much observation and reading of the trend and since it’s been part of fun activities for kids during the summer, we can comfortably come up with a list of some of the 10 most popular comics released so far in the year. This article takes you through the list in no particular order.


1. Why Art?


Why Art is a comic written by Eleanor Davis. If you know your comics as well, you will know that Eleanor Davis is no new to the industry. If anything, she took 2017 by a storm, releasing comic hits such as You & a Bike. In this comic, she cheekily describes art and artists while explaining some serious points in the process. Just like that, it makes our list.


2. From Lone Mountain by John Porcellino


If you are the type of person who likes a huge collection of installments, especially in autobiographical comics, this one is for you. John focuses on writing small essays on random issues such as loss and growth. Even though the stories here are deceptively simple, it gets emotional at some point, thereby explaining why the comic is very popular.


3. Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary Creatures


Written by Yvan Alagbe, the Yellow Negroes and Other Imaginary Creatures is one of the best selling comics right now. The book talks about the “sensitive” matters in the society such as Race, Color, Class, gender and violence. By simply talking about these topics, the comic is one of the most popular currently.


4. X-Men: Grand Design


For many years, Marvel has been behind the X-Men production and they are at it again this year. After several years of withholding the mutants for the sake of spiting their movie adaptations, the cartoonist is back with this awesome comic. Written by Ed Piskor, the comic takes you through a well-written narrative that is bound to capture your attention.


5. The Lie and How We Told it by Tommi Parrish


From the title, you can straight away tell that this is an awesome comic. It talks about the sex, past ghosts and exorcism in an exciting manner.


6. Young Frances by Hartley Lin


Hartley Lin focuses on office drudgery in this comic. Young Frances talks about everything that goes on in the workplace with perfect characterization.


7. Batman: The Rules of Engagement


This awesome comic has many writers, including Clay Mann, Lee Weeks, Tom King, Jordie Bellaire, Elizabeth Breitweiser and June Chung amongst others. The comic has been released following its “rebirth” and there is no surprise that it makes our most popular comics list.


8. Aliens: Dead Orbit by James Stokoe


If you like stories about magic and the outside world, here is something for you. With a Hollywood setting, the aliens appear and disappear in a horrific way. This comic gives you a bit of everything that you may need in such stories


9. The Pervert by Remy Boydell and Michelle Perez


This comic features three characters a cat, a dog and Jon from Garfield. It is a story of a woman who lingers in sex life and public gigs in a bid to make ends meet.


10. All the Answers


This comic by Michael Kupperman tries to explain why people break the things they love. The writer uses his father and other characters to make his story in a bid to explain how fame can ruin a person’s development but in a stylish way.


Coming up with a list of the 10 most popular comics so far this year is not an easy task. However, we have managed to come up with some of them in this article but you are not limited to anything.